Ger Clarke
"All of our people have minimum 15 years
hands on international experience driving board
level opportunities
to the shop floor"



Approach Discovery Phase

a. Understanding the physical and information flows of your business
b. Representing these flows to you in a understandable manner
c. Link the process and the information to the organisation

Analysis phase

a. Identify the key drivers
b. The key contributors
c. The key operations driving the process
d. Those adding value
e. Those adding cost
f. Those that need change

Core Programmes Phase

a. Definition of the key changes required
b. Implement to pulse control process
c. Implement the daily tasks
d. Define the KPI
e. Define the dashboard

Exit phase

a. Deliver the improvements
b. Quantify the improvements
c. Set the new base lines
d. Verify the control processes are in place
e. Then we get paid